How can i start using Adalso as Advertiser?

Make sure you have enough Account Balance. If not make a deposit.
Deposit will be confirmed and funds will be added to your account balance within 3 hours.

How i advertise on All Adalso sites?

from 'Advertiser' menu. click on 'Start Network advertising'
Enter your advertisement info, budget, and click on 'Start Campaign'
Your ad will be displayed on all our sites!

How i target my ad to one of Adalso sites?

Click on 'Advertiser' menu to browse websites. and pickup a website you want to place your ad on.
If site owner allow Bid. You can place your ad for the share of the airtime.
Total active bids will has %95 chance to appear on site.
the more shares you take the more chance your ad will appear on the site.

If site owner allow CPC advertising, you can Pay-Per-Click for your advertisement on his site.
If site owner not allowed targeted ads, you will only be able to advertise on Network Ads Pool or pickup other site.


How Adalso are displaying ads on sites?

When site has active bidders, we will give it more chance to appear.
having 0.0005 BTC bids or more on site will give bids chance to appear %95 at least.

What if publisher has no bidders?

Publishers has no bidders or tageted CPC ads on their sites, will display Adalso Network Pool Ads when available.

What if there's no Network Pool Ads too?

Will display 'Advertise Here' banner linked to your Site Advertising Prices and Bid Offers on Adalso to bring you more targeted income.

What is Pending Balance?

Profits earned from your Bids will be added to your site Balance instantly. while profits earned from Network Pool Ads will stay on Pending for 48 hours till it release to your site balance for withdraw.

How Publishers are Paid?

Publishers can collect Site's Earned Balance once they reach the minimum 0.0001 BTC.
collected balance from each site will be trnsferred to Account Balance.
Account Balance can be used for Advertising or Withdrawal.
You can withdraw your Account Balance once you reach the minimum payout 0.001 BTC.
You will get your payment sent to your bitcoin wallet address automatically within 5 minutes after your request.

Can i setup my default ads if there are no bidders?

in General, Low total bids has %50 chance to appear. High bids has %95 chance to appear.
You can setup 4 ads as default on your site by this trik :
You bid on your site for 0.0001 BTC (it will return to your site balance and fees is only %10 / 0.00001 BTC daily).
These cheap ads will has chance to appear %50 if you have 4 x0.0001 Ads or less.
And %50 will display Network Ads Pool.

You can increase your site bid price after you setup your ads.
When you have more than 0.0004 total bids, then it will has more chance to appear.
So if you want your default ads to appear %50 when no bidders, you have to own 4 cheap 0.0001 bids or less on your site. else it will be displayed more than Network Ads and your earning will be less.