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Simple for Both Advertisers & Publishers

Super Ads Management
Easy to use

You can fund, edit, pause, and resume your ads easily. All your ads will be sorted by status, type, and ad size.


Built with HTML only
Easy to insert

We have simple adspace codes using HTML codes only. It works on any browser and can be inserted easily to any template.


Fully Responsive & all Browsers support

Adalso adspaces are working on any browser, no javascript, cookies or tracking required. it works on any device as well.


Awesome Advertising Features

Adalso is not only bitcoin CPC advertising network. It has bidding system also!
Adalso works using a pay-per-day system, but not just a normal one. People can bid against each other to get the highest impression time. You can also allow/disallow pay-per-click system on your site to be like other advertising networks. When you have no bidders or active ads on your site, we will display Network Pool Ads as possible, to keep your site earning up almost all the time!

Bid System

Pickup any site, and Bid your ad for the shares of the time. You will pay-per-day while ad is appearing on picked site.


You can place your ad easily on All our publishers, You can pay-per-click on your ad, or pay-per-impression.

Pool System

We have pool shares from all our publishers. Bid your ad to take some of our network pool shares.

Popup Traffic

Adalso has Popup advertising to get real and unique traffic from our publishers.

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